Looking for Jumpers or Rompers for the Summer? We have it all…

Don’t shy away from shopping your desired styles of jumpsuits. We list down the basic differences between a Jumper, Jumpsuit, Pantsuit and a Romper to make your shopping experiences easy!

Jumpsuit from Tiny House of Fashion

In today’s fashion- jumpsuit, playsuit, romper, and pantsuit can be broken down further. The fashion industry has taken these terms and used them to mean a one-piece outfit. They have come back into style and look absolutely fantastic for the summer.

Originally, “jumpsuit” meant a one-piece top and shorts for sports-wear that were fashioned after the old swimsuits. Then came the romper which was the same as a jumpsuit but the shorts had an elastic band in the legs to keep women totally covered and not worry that someone could see up the leg when they were flying through the air in a gymnastic routine. It was also named a playsuit.

The fashion designers took this in the 60’s into streetwear and made the pantsuit– then into evening wear but extended the legs to be long and wider so when standing it looked like a skirt.


A Jumper is typically a standard jumpsuit with the suspenders attached in the front panel and is usually worn in Denim fabric, although, it can be made in any other fabric like corduroy, cotton or twill.


Jumpsuit is a one-piece garment having top / blouse attached to the bottom and is available in all possible fabrics and fashions, it may or may not be capri length.


A simple one-piece garment like a jumpsuit with a minor change of bottom length. A romper always has attached shorts on the bottom instead of full length or capri length pants.

Tiny House of Fashion is the go-to place for all the latest in Summer fashions of these garments.

Pink Embrodery Romper Up Close
Romper from Tiny House of Fashion

Visit Tiny House of Fashion (1st “tiny house” clothing boutique) at www.tinyhouseoffashion.com to purchase any of our stylish jumpsuits or rompers!!! FOLLOW us on social media- IG and Facebook @tinyhouseoffashion. Twitter: tinyhouseoffash and YouTube.


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