Spring & Summer Fashion Trends

Sequins-To say sequins and sparkles will be a big deal this summer is an understatement. The great thing about sequins is it doesn’t have to be a special occasion anymore you can enjoy wearing them in a casual setting.

Pastels-Whether lilac, pink, lemon or duck egg blue, expect to see an array of fashion’s prettiest shades this season.

Checks-It looks as if heritage checks are going to be here for the summer season ahead. So get ready to rock your checks this season.

Plastics-In many places it rains a lot in the summer, so this summer trend will fit right in. Plastics will be everyone this summer, and look out for the many cool colors.

Fringing-Fringing has made its way back again with a nice fresh look. Various colors and different styles. Get ready for the fringing sandals and boots to match with your favorite outfit.

Bold Colors-Tired of the plain, dull looks? Well this summer get ready for BOLD colors. They are everywhere, from bold yellows to reds, color has taken over the summer seasons. Make sure to where them with ATTITUDE.

Sheer-Transparency was a headlining trend – sheer coats, dresses and skirts revealed cycling shorts and full briefs. Basically, it’s all about what lies beneath this season, so get ready to pair this style with a little something sexy underneath.
                                      Spring & Summer Fashion Trends
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