Caution: Tiny House of Fashion is HOT!!!

Got an event to go to? Well you can join over 48,000+ others that liked this killer Three-Piece Crystal Tassel Set on Public Figure Anaya Perry (who is known for her skits)!!! We will keep your wardrobe up to date with a variety of one-of-a-kind all new season pieces you’ll need this summer.

This sexy piece can be worn to faraway exotic trips booked, or you can stand out in this hella cute bikini while making sure you’re looking like a poolside princess. Whether you’re creating them curves or showing off what your mama gave ya, get waisted and cinch it with this fierce gold color waist belt, this embellished number comes all together and is sure to grab everyone’s attention! Finish off your look with some extra accessories, confidence and sun sea slay.

Caution: Tiny House of Fashion is HOT!!!

Make sure to shop at Tiny House of Fashion for this and much more.


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