Tiny House of Fashion Swimwear is Hotter than Hot…

Dive in to our poolside perfect collection of the latest must-have women’s swimwear, bikini separates and on-style swimsuits. Hit up those pool parties in sultry cut-out styles, peekaboo mesh and bold color blocking. Make waves with eye-catching prints and barely there, head-turning swimwear styles. Enjoy summer and pairing our swimwear is the perfect way to compliment a sun-kissed summer tan.

With a plunge style you’re guaranteed to sail past the competition and be the ultimate beach babe this summer. Girl don’t forget to pack your new vacay’ best friend this summer because the plunge swimsuit is the staple piece of the season.

When it comes to swimwear Tiny House of Fashion has you covered. We understand that everyone has a fav piece of swimwear and our goal is to cater to that. So whether your looking to go snorkeling, or surfing we are sure to have something to accommodate your personal style. So make sure to show us love on Instagram with #TinyHouseofFashionSwimwear and post some pics with you doing what you love to do in our swimwear.

Tiny House of Fashion Swimwear is Hotter than Hot

Caution: Tiny House of Fashion is HOT!!!

Got an event to go to? Well you can join over 48,000+ others that liked this killer Three-Piece Crystal Tassel Set on Public Figure Anaya Perry (who is known for her skits)!!! We will keep your wardrobe up to date with a variety of one-of-a-kind all new season pieces you’ll need this summer.

This sexy piece can be worn to faraway exotic trips booked, or you can stand out in this hella cute bikini while making sure you’re looking like a poolside princess. Whether you’re creating them curves or showing off what your mama gave ya, get waisted and cinch it with this fierce gold color waist belt, this embellished number comes all together and is sure to grab everyone’s attention! Finish off your look with some extra accessories, confidence and sun sea slay.

Caution: Tiny House of Fashion is HOT!!!

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Spring & Summer Fashion Trends

Sequins-To say sequins and sparkles will be a big deal this summer is an understatement. The great thing about sequins is it doesn’t have to be a special occasion anymore you can enjoy wearing them in a casual setting.

Pastels-Whether lilac, pink, lemon or duck egg blue, expect to see an array of fashion’s prettiest shades this season.

Checks-It looks as if heritage checks are going to be here for the summer season ahead. So get ready to rock your checks this season.

Plastics-In many places it rains a lot in the summer, so this summer trend will fit right in. Plastics will be everyone this summer, and look out for the many cool colors.

Fringing-Fringing has made its way back again with a nice fresh look. Various colors and different styles. Get ready for the fringing sandals and boots to match with your favorite outfit.

Bold Colors-Tired of the plain, dull looks? Well this summer get ready for BOLD colors. They are everywhere, from bold yellows to reds, color has taken over the summer seasons. Make sure to where them with ATTITUDE.

Sheer-Transparency was a headlining trend – sheer coats, dresses and skirts revealed cycling shorts and full briefs. Basically, it’s all about what lies beneath this season, so get ready to pair this style with a little something sexy underneath.
                                      Spring & Summer Fashion Trends
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Looking for Jumpers or Rompers for the Summer? We have it all…

Don’t shy away from shopping your desired styles of jumpsuits. We list down the basic differences between a Jumper, Jumpsuit, Pantsuit and a Romper to make your shopping experiences easy!

Jumpsuit from Tiny House of Fashion

In today’s fashion- jumpsuit, playsuit, romper, and pantsuit can be broken down further. The fashion industry has taken these terms and used them to mean a one-piece outfit. They have come back into style and look absolutely fantastic for the summer.

Originally, “jumpsuit” meant a one-piece top and shorts for sports-wear that were fashioned after the old swimsuits. Then came the romper which was the same as a jumpsuit but the shorts had an elastic band in the legs to keep women totally covered and not worry that someone could see up the leg when they were flying through the air in a gymnastic routine. It was also named a playsuit.

The fashion designers took this in the 60’s into streetwear and made the pantsuit– then into evening wear but extended the legs to be long and wider so when standing it looked like a skirt.


A Jumper is typically a standard jumpsuit with the suspenders attached in the front panel and is usually worn in Denim fabric, although, it can be made in any other fabric like corduroy, cotton or twill.


Jumpsuit is a one-piece garment having top / blouse attached to the bottom and is available in all possible fabrics and fashions, it may or may not be capri length.


A simple one-piece garment like a jumpsuit with a minor change of bottom length. A romper always has attached shorts on the bottom instead of full length or capri length pants.

Tiny House of Fashion is the go-to place for all the latest in Summer fashions of these garments.

Pink Embrodery Romper Up Close
Romper from Tiny House of Fashion

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Why have Tribal Patterns become so trendy?

The tribal patterns are actually branded as Uniwax and this print was first used as a fashion piece in the year 1968. If you want to get ahead of the game, start ordering your tribal pattern for Spring & Summer now… This is going to be the trend to watch and it has a feminine and seductive trend, which will make you feel one with the earth and with your womanhood. Don’t be afraid to clash prints and patterns, or strip back to one statement hue, in folds of cascading fabric.

Have you found anybody who does not like the new tribal print pattern? It is hard to find such a person. Regardless of it being trendy now it’s been around for quite some time. As Europeans began to sell this cloth, in West Africa—largely to women, both rich and poor, who regarded it as a marker of status—West African tastes shaped the evolving trend that we have in fashion today and this has become all part of a trend that fashion magazines and blogs tend to refer to as “tribal.” The fashion industry’s newest interest in these “African prints” and there has even been more of an increased interest in this trendy fashion due to the popularity of the movie “Black Panther”. We believe that this trend will be around for quite a while.

Pairing any of the tribal prints is pretty straightforward. Take a look at these lovely tribal print swimwear pieces from Tiny House of Fashion. Look forward to being really attractive in this fashionable swimwear and be advised to rock a nice pair of sandals as you’re guaranteed of getting that chic, sexy look heading into the summer. Make sure to select something for yourself to stand our before anyone else. If you are truly feeling gracious, select a fine piece from our summer collection to give as a great summer gift.

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